Auckland Welsh Choir invites singers of all voice types who enjoy singing in four part harmony and can hold a part and either read music or have an excellent ear – Welsh heritage is not obligatory. Singers commit to perform in up to four charitable fundraising concerts each year and should be undaunted by learning to pronounce and sing a range of languages. Members enjoy the company of a very friendly and welcoming group who strive for high choral standards with a varied, accessible, attractive repertoire from New Zealand and around the world, with an emphasis on Welsh and Celtic music.

How to join

Our members while diverse are united by their common interest. We invite potential members to attend up to three rehearsals as a guest before undertaking an informal audition with the Music Directors. Ongoing vocal coaching is provided within choir or sectionals, together with solo opportunities, training and experience for would-be conductors and accompanists, and coaching in pronunciation of Welsh and other languages.

Membership fees are reasonable and payable annually or six monthly. Student scholarships for young choristers or accompanists who wish to improve their skills can be made available by arrangement. Welsh people on overseas experience or gap years can also find a place in our ranks for the duration of their visit.


Auckland Welsh Choir is offering two singing scholarships to young singers (15-25) to expand their musical interests and performance capabilities within a vibrant community choir. The Scholarship offers:

  • One year of individual vocal tuition from Diana Rhodes or Steven Rapana; singing teachers, voice coaches and musical directors of the choir.
  • Choral experience and development within a supportive group of singers.
  • Introduction to a wide repertoire of music in many languages; including classical and folk songs and challenging music from more contemporary composers.
  • Solo performance opportunities if appropriate.

The scholarship covers one year of private vocal tuition, two years free choir membership and music.

Applicants should be able to sight read confidently and meet the Music Director’s standards. Successful applicants will be expected to attend regular weekly practices for at least two years, and participate in scheduled concerts.

To apply send details to John Mansfield. We will contact you to arrange an introductory audition.