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Vocālis, the start of a new era

With a changing of the guard in our musical directorship, the choir agreed that a change of name would help better convey the type of choir we are. With concerted effort at the start of 2023, the choir and committee proposed many names to consider, which were whittled down to three for the choir to select from at our annual AGM.

Vocālis – both a noun and an adjective
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What sets us apart as a community choir is our expert vocal tuition provided by our music directors!

Noun: the vocalis muscle makes small adjustments to the tension of the vocal ligaments. Similar to a rubber band, lengthening of the vocal folds also ‘thins’ them, while shortening of the vocal folds ‘thickens’ them.

Adjective: uttering a voice, having a voice; speaking, sounding, sonorous, speaking, crying, singing, melodious; vocal

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We are a community choir providing a welcoming environment to develop, challenge and enjoy ourselves as singers. Under our Music Directors’ guidance we strive for musical and vocal excellence while making friends and helping the community.

Our music draws on a rich range of folk songs with a Celtic flavour, as well as our cornerstone Welsh language repertoire. We usually sing in four part harmony, enjoying also the traditional choral repertoire of sacred and secular songs. At times we perform more challenging larger scale concert works using guest instrumentalists. Besides English and Welsh, we have also sung in Latin, German, French, Italian, Māori, Mandarin, Russian and even Estonian.

Come along to a concert or enquire about attending a rehearsal if you’d like to join our choral family. We have a scholarship available for any interested younger members.

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Our mission

Auckland Welsh Choir is committed to the community, as a non-profit organisation we are proud to donate proceeds of our concerts to charity groups which support people in need. Our other main aims are to promote and value Welsh language and music, to maintain a lively, enjoyable and social programme for our members, to strive always for choral excellence, and to challenge ourselves to explore varied repertoire while maintaining our cornerstone of Welsh music.

We have partnered with multiple charities in the past.

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