Auckland Welsh Choir

A Kiwi Choir with a Celtic connection

Join Us If You Love To Sing

We are a community choir who provide a welcoming environment to develop, challenge and enjoy ourselves as singers.  Under our Music Director's guidance we strive for musical and vocal excellence while making friends and helping the community.  We also have a scholarship available for any interested younger members. 

Our music draws on a rich range of folk songs with a Celtic flavour, as well as our cornerstone Welsh language repertoire.  We usually sing in four part harmony, enjoying also the traditional choral repertoire of sacred and secular songs.  At times we perform more challenging larger scale concert works using guest instrumentalists.  Besides English and Welsh, we have also sung in German, French, Italian, Maori, Mandarin, Russian and even Estonian. 

Come along to a concert or enquire about attending a rehearsal if you'd like to join our choral family.


Upcoming Events:


St David's Day - 2pm, Sunday 5th March 2017

St Joseph's Catholic Church, Takapuna

This St David’s Day the Auckland Welsh Choir will join with SHINE to raise money for KIDshine the free service offered by SHINE, providing support for children who have been exposed to domestic abuse. Come and enjoy the Auckland Welsh choir’s celebration of St David, patron saint of Wales and at the same time support KIDshine and the wonderful work they do.

Every year, SHINE (Safer Homes in New Zealand Everyday Trust) directly helps thousands of adult and child victims of domestic abuse to be safer.  Every 5 minutes NZ Police attend a domestic abuse incident but shortfalls in SHINE’s funding means they are only able to help I in every 4 victims referred to them. Children often blame themselves for the abuse they witness, and they can feel frightened, confused and lonely.   

What is this life if full of care…….in an hour of tender, beautiful and heart-warming music, sometimes with a little joie de vivre added to the programme, Auckland Welsh Choir is offering support to Shine, NZ.  With this fundraising performance, we especially focus on the children who need their support.

We are also delighted to premiere songs written by Chris Artley especially for our St David’s Day tribute, using the immortal words of Welshman, William Henry Davies. (If you cannot complete the opening phrase, perhaps “Autobiography of a Super Tramp” will alert you.)  Tickets are available at the door for $25.00 or book by clicking the iTicket link below.

After the concert, members of the ShineKids Team invite you to take tea or coffee with incidental music, for a gold coin donation.